Bolton Percy, Colton & Steeton
Parish Council

Planning Applications

  DOYLY TEAROOM NORTH HOUSE FARM OXTON LANE BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2021/0161/FUL  Construction of a gazebo in the tea room garden (retrospective).

  HORNINGTON MANOR OXTON LANE BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2020/1274/FULM  Erection of a general purpose agricultural building.

  BRIARLY SCHOOL LANE BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2021/0016/HPA  Single storey rear extension to create enlarged kitchen diner.

  BYWAYS SCHOOL LANE BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2020/1259/FUL  Retention of existing stable.

  MAIN STREET, COLTON Ref: NY/2020/0185/FUL  Underground sewerage pumping station to replace and upgrade local infrastructure to reduce impact from local sewerage flooding.

  YE OLD SUN INNE, MAIN STREET, COLTON Ref: 2020/0560/COU  Change of use from A4 (drinking establishment) to C3(a) (dwelling houses) (retrospective).

  YE OLD SUN INNE, MAIN STREET, COLTON Ref: 2020/0349/LBC  Listed building consent for new 1.2m high post and rail fence and rationalisation of existing carpark (retrospective).

  YE OLD SUN INNE, MAIN STREET, COLTON Ref: 2020/0348/FUL  Application for 1.2m high post and rail fence and rationalisation of existing car park (retrospective).

  Land Adjacent ST PAULS CHURCH MAIN STREET COLTON Ref: 2020/0061/FUL  Proposed erection of new Dwellinghouse with carport/stores outbuilding and associated landscaping including new access to highway.

  BRAEGATE DEVELOPMENTS COLTON Ref: 2019/0559/FULM  Retrospective change of use of agricultural buildings to B8 (Storage and Distributiuon). Erection of enlarged commercial building (B8) following demolition of existing general purpose agricultural building & improvements to existing site.

  LOW FARM, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0522/FUL  -Proposed erection of a three bedroom dwelling and garage following demolition of existing buildings.

  LAND SOUTH OF CHAPEL VIEW, MARSH LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0031/FUL  -Proposed erection of three dwellings.Original plans 2017/0411/FUL Refused January 2018.

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Planning Applications - Decisions

  RISTOL MARSH LANE BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2020/1133/HPA  Single storey extension to form porch and enlarged study with internal alterations to ground floor WC. PERMITTED

  BRAEGATE LANE, COLTON Ref: 2020/0361/FUL  Temporary improvements to existing highway access. PERMITTED

  NORTH HOUSE FARM, OXTON LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/1318/COU  Retrospective consent for change of use of barn to tea room and associated alterations, including returning former tea room back to domestic use and proposed change of use of land to form extension to existing car park. PERMITTED

  OLD LANE COURT, COLTON Ref: 2019/1247/HPA  -Proposed new orangery, fill in open porch area and replace conservatory. PERMITTED

  WALNUT LODGE, MAIN STREET, COLTON Ref: 2019/0323/FUL  -Application for consent to crown clean canopy to remove dead wood and crown lift over access road to 5.2m above ground level - reduce from dwelling to provide 2.4m clearance to 1no Walnut tree (T1) and to crown lift to 5.2m above ground level to 1no London Plane (T2) covered by TPO 12/1996. PERMITTED

  NEWLANDS,SCHOOL LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0932/TPO (Replaces 2019/0737/TPO)  Application for consent to clean out and remove any dead wood and crown thin by 15% and work to overhanging branch to 1no Horse Chestnut tree covered by TPO 1/1972. PERMITTED

  OLIVER HOUSE, CHURCH LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0049/FUL  -Retrospective application for 4 No corrugated steel cylinders with roof for agricultural storage and 1 No shipping container for use as a secure farm tool store. REFUSED

  NEWLANDS,SCHOOL LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0737/TPO  Application for consent to fell 1No Horse Chestnut tree covered by TPO 1/1972. WITHDRAWN

  VILLAGE GREEN, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0394/TCA  -Application for consent to fell 1No Ash tree within the conservation area. PERMITTED

  5 OLD LANE COURT, COLTON Ref: 2019/0323/FUL  -Proposed conversion of detached building into a dwelling, alteration of car parking arrangements and construction of a single storey utility room and external storage. GRANTED

  OLIVER HOUSE, CHURCH LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0327/HPA  -Proposed brick built side garage extension with pitched tiled roof to include a car garage; new entrance lobby & cloak; utility room and a storage space. GRANTED

  WOODLANDS, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0190/LBC  Listed building consent for widening one window in kitchen to form French windows. New windows proposed to water tower, internal alterations to existing building. New flat roof with egress roof light to water tower, replacement of existing concrete slab roof, re-roofing of water tower. Re-roofing works to another flat roof, installation of conservation roof lights, internal remodelling of water tower with second floor level adjusted, access to be achieved from main house into water tower through suitable openings and staircases. GRANTED

  YE OLD SUN INNE, MAIN STREET, COLTON Ref: 2018/1063/FUL  -Retrospective application for erection of a new fence to a new boundary line within the existing car park and alterations to existing parking layout. REFUSED

  SAXONDALE LODGE, MARSH LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2018/1117/FUL  -Proposed erection of an eco bungalow with detached garage and creation of new vehicular access. GRANTED

  SPINNEY HOUSE, PUMP ALLEY, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2019/0021/TCA  -Application for consent to remove 20 No Ash trees, 2 No Sycamore trees and 4 No Hawthorn trees within the Conservation area. GRANTED

  IBBOTSONS, COLTON Ref: 2018/0562/FULM  -Proposed erection of extension to general purpose agricultural building following demoltion of part existing buildings and grain store. WITHDRAWN

  AINSTY HOUSE, MARSH LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2018/1117/HPA  -Proposed two storey extension to side, single storey extension to rear and new porch to front. GRANTED

  THE SHIRES, MARSH LANE, BOLTON PERCY Ref: 2018/1242/HPA  -Proposed erection of first floor extension to rear and external alterations to existing. GRANTED(New plans submitted 2018/0142/HPA)